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Let's Live Better Together.

It's time for change. At United Front Community Fitness, we stand together in unity. We Live Better – Together.

United Front Community Fitness declares it's time to transform our lives and join together in solidarity. By uniting, we can achieve a higher quality of life for all!

The benefits of living an active lifestyle have never been more important than today. United Front Community Fitness was created to encourage community members to empower each other to reach their health and fitness goals. Our community-focused gym helps members set realistic goals while having fun at the same time. Join us in our mission and get fit with us! It's time to break down barriers and come together to create a healthier community. #LiveBetter with United Front Community Fitness!

First Responder and Military Discounts

We recognize the hard work and dedication that comes with being a first responder or being a part of the military community, and we want to thank them by providing discounts on our services. 


United Front Community Fitness takes pride in the community it has developed in the central Orlando area. For those looking to make the jump towards a healthier lifestyle, come check us out.


Lift with confidence. Sweat with purpose.

The moment you step into the United Front Community Fitness you will be inspired to push a little harder, sweat a little longer, and believe in yourself a little more. With each day, you will lift with confidence and sweat with purpose alongside a community that’s here to support you – no matter what.

We are United Front Community Fitness.

We don’t have time for negativity, and we don’t stand for anything less than you deserve. We are here to help one another build something lasting and special.

We are deeply rooted and growing stronger every day. Our brand of fitness is one that strives for longevity. We prepare you today so that you can do the things that you love tomorrow.

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"My favorite place to get a great workout and release some stress. I enjoy being challenged. The coaches are good about correcting form and being supportive during the workouts. I love how creative they are with their space and how clean they keep it! Everyone is super nice you’ll definitely feel welcomed from day one!"

Let's Get Moving!


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Tel:                   (407) 906-7437  

Address:          10500 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32825


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